True Goodness in Every Bite

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Social Media

Brief, Objectives & Challenges

Rise above the crust

Think bread, think… Gardenia? Well, that’s truly how it started. Then, we got our hands on Mighty White. We changed the personality of the brand to fun, exciting, and simply colourful. With engaging posts and engaging our fans, the brand has now risen a virtually new level—on par with the big boys, like Gardenia and Massimo.

The Big Idea

True Goodness In Every Bite

With Mighty White, we went with the idea of making something ordinary into fun and exciting, by injecting lifestyle element and vibrant colour. This helps to capture our audience attention and also changing their perception about Mighty White, and at the same time, building a stronger branding to stand out from the competitors.


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Butter Scotch Cheese Bun Teaser Butter Scotch Cheese Bun Teaser
Mighty White X 7-Eleven Mighty White X 7-Eleven
Korean Spicy Chicken Bun Korean Spicy Chicken Bun
Luva Lava Choco Berry Luva Lava Choco Berry
Mighty Ranger Mighty Ranger
Spicy Chicken Flossy Bun 3D Animation Spicy Chicken Flossy Bun 3D Animation

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