Allianz Protects You From A-Z

Allianz A–Z Allianz A–Z


Allianz Malaysia

Campaign Name

Allianz A–Z

Project Type

Digital Campaign

Brief, Objectives & Challenges

Insurance is pushy and seemingly scammy.

Not to mention boring and complicated, too. This slows down insurance uptake among Malaysians, thus exposing them to everyday and unexpected dangers around them, without a safety net to fall back to.

We aimed to make insurance more approachable the audience, so they can better understand what it’s all about, and be better equipped for the unexpected.

The Big Idea

Allianz Protects You From A-Z

How do we make insurance fun and at the same time, make the branding stick in our audience’s mind? With a catchy tune that cover the A to Z of Allianz’s products and well, Allianz too!

We also developed an interactive website—user-friendly, too—with gamification elements. Users only needed to browse the website and collect points upon completing different tasks. In doing so, the audience learned about Allianz’s products, and were able to use the collected their points to redeem pretty interesting prizes.

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Allianz A-Z Protection song

Campaign website with gamification

Digital-led campaign

Campaign website with gamification

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