Experience first, business later.

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Allianz on Social Media


MARKies Awards 2021 –
Most Creative Audio (Bronze)

Brief, Objectives & Challenges

How to steal attention on social media?

While this competition is healthy, it often means that competitors tend to produce similar posts, thus drowning in the ocean of posts that is social media.

How do make Allianz unique so it stands out more among the crowd, without so much resorting to pay-to-win?

The Big Idea

Experience first, business later.

Our strategic approach was to also create relevant and relatable content using different media formats, which include fun and engaging content that can be shared by agents as well.

We had to ensure our work is real, authentic, and original. And yes, a BIG NO to stock photo-ish visuals as users are already bombarded with hundreds of similar ads, day in and out! We had to stand out from the rest and create a strong brand presence.

We maximised the budget given to us and experiment with both creative and straightforward postings. Our goal was to create thumb-stopping posts, in order for Allianz to be on the top of their minds.


Digital campaign

Social media content



 Awards 2021

MARKies Awards 2021

Most Creative Audio (Bronze)


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