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2020 MARKies Awards: Most Creative –
Content (Gold)

2020 MARKies Awards: Most Creative –
Social Media (Gold)

2020 Marketing Excellence Awards -
Excellence in Mobile Marketing (Bronze)

Brief, Objectives & Challenges

Normalising the taboo

In conservative Malaysia, sex-related topics are no-no. No talks about condoms or family planning in public or social media, lest ye be smote by the public’s lashes. And the result? Years of abandoned babies, rise of STDs among youth, among other social concerns. Durex wanted to lead the change, even if it may take years. The journey started by riding on trendy topics and humour to not only educate Malaysians, but more importantly… to normalise sex talk.

The Big Idea

We Need To Talk

Normalise sex talk is, ironically, less about the talking, and more about the showing. Leveraging the power of social media and Malaysians’ affinity to trends and humour, we made it a mission to post topics that they can resonate with. We rode on current sensations, like new movies, trending issues, and we poked fun at stereotypes in order to drive the message home: sex is a part of us.

By seeing sex as fun and not yucky or preachy, society can eventually—fingers crossed—be more casual about it. And that will hopefully lead to changes where changes are needed, such as education and rules of law.


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Social media content

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MARKies Awards 2020

MARKies Awards 2020

Most Creative – Content (Gold)
Most Creative – Social Media (Gold)


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Marketing Excellence Awards 2020

Marketing Excellence Awards 2020

Excellence in Mobile Marketing (Bronze)




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