An agile agency with a big personality.

An agile agency with
a big personality

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This is MediaCliQ

At MediaCliQ, we live and breathe digital. The Internet and social media—more than just about getting “likes” and “higher page rankings”—are about inspiring action, changing behavior, moving hearts.

MediaCliQ is a digital agency made up of cliques of talented individuals specialising in different digital fields, bringing their own uniqueness to the table to create one-of-a-kind work for our clients.

Leveraging these combined experiences, knowledge, and skills—including those we gathered from the various facets of the industry throughout the years—we can help you achieve your unique goals.

And with a little something called creativity, let’s move hearts together.


Years in business


Team Members




Digital & hybrid experience

Mission & Vision

The CliQer's Oath

We bridge brands with audience.
We work alongside clients as partners.
Brand objectives, creativity, and passion breathe as one.
Before anything else, empathy is paramount.
We are MediaCliQ.

Our Family

Sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit...

We’re an odd family here at MediaCliQ. We have parents, brothers, sisters. We fight, we make up. We rub each other the wrong way, we build each other up. With the huge range in age and expertise, we’re bound to butt heads. Yet that’s why we’re all equals. Hierarchy is just a formality. What matters is the experience and joy while delivering what matters.

Our Expertise

skills, experience
& empathy

Like other agencies out there, we pride ourselves in healthy and wholesome experience + skills over years, encompassing various disciplines—programming, social media, project management, design, and copywriting, to name a few. Most paramount to us, however, is empathy. We listen and try as best as we can to understand our clients, their audiences, and each others’ needs. In other words, we find ways to make both parties… click.

With such a vast pool of resources and talents, we strive to utilise them to the fullest. Starting from the most
important aspect: listening to our clients, we offer a set of services that is as wholesome as it is creative:

Social media, SMS, eDM

Social media,

Web, mobile applications

Web, mobile

Video production

Video production

Lead, CRM

Lead, CRM

Search, conversion, analytics

Search, conversion,

Online media placement

Online media

Our Projects

Pride & joy

From social media posts to 360° campaigns, we put creative passion in all our solutions. Our goal is to help bridge clients with their audiences. Our soul is in Perfecting Possibilities.

Our body of work range from as small as one social media post, to as large as a whole 360° campaign. We’ve won a few awards along the way, too. But that’s not what we’re about. What matters is this: have we met our clients’ goals? Is the brand better today than yesterday? Are we higher up in our audience’s minds than before? In short: has the brand clicked in their heart and soul yet?

Business Opportunities

Coffee, tea, or... boba?

It’s our job to listen. Because otherwise, what kind of agency are we? So if you’ve got any thoughts or queries, hit us up. Want to hire us as partners? Hey, even better!

Let's talk!  
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