Tropicana Just Bid It Launch

Tropicana – Just Bid It Tropicana – Just Bid It


Tropicana Corporation Berhad

Campaign Name

Tropicana Just Bid It - Launch

Project Type


Brief, Objectives & Challenges

Bid your dream house online

What’s the biggest item you’ve bought online? Treadmill? Heh. We’ve sold houses online! That’s right. Tropicana wanted to not only sell their units, but also get the young on board—mostly as their first house. Just Bid It allowed users to bid for the units they wanted while earning daily tickets for raffles.

The Big Idea

Just Bid It.

What if you can bid on a house… ONLINE? We did it. We ran it. Bidders loved it. Client? They were ecstatic! After all, it not only got the eyes and ears of home-owners, but was golden PR story.


Website development with gamification

Video production

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